Think Being Great With Money Is Difficult, Boring Or A Grind? Think Again.

Shift your money mindset with Fast Forward to Prosperity!

Hi! It’s Ellen Rogin – After 20+ years of working with people on their personal finances I know that lots of times people have a ”complicated” relationship with money. Sometimes it seems to flow easily and effortlessly and others it seems so darn hard. Depending upon what’s happening out there in the world you might feel scared about your financial future or confused about the next right step to take. Even the language of money can make your head spin… Have you noticed how full of crazy jargon the money world is? There’s Beta, alpha, APY, bps, ETFs, and NAV – it’s an alphabet soup of boring out there.

Well, the fact of the matter is whether you’re running a business or planning for your personal wealth, money plays a big role. Sometimes I see super-smart people who feel really embarrassed that they aren’t better at handling their money. I get this. But, here’s the thing; most people aren’t really taught interesting impactful ways to bring money into their life and make smart decisions with it once it shows up.

One of the most common expressions used when talking about finances is “managing your money.” This doesn’t sound fun or empowering at all – who really likes to manage anything? Do you ever feel like dealing with finances is like eating your vegetables? Something you know you should do, but you would really rather be doing something way more interesting…You aren’t alone.

All too often people jump right into the minutiae of investments, skipping over the deep questions of what they really want from their money, both now and in the future. Having the right tools to explore what you truly want your money to do for you can make all the difference in the world.

Some of these tools work with your ability to train your brain for success. There’s really interesting brain research about how to boost your effectiveness and reach your goals. With the right direction you can not only feel calmer about your money, but actually have the ability to bring more prosperity into your life. How cool is that!

There are also simple and fun activities you can do that will make a big difference in your prosperity. And many of them won’t take much time at all. I know you’re busy, so why not find a way to make money work well for you and do in a way that works in your life?

I’ve created The Fast Forward to Prosperity 7-Week Course designed with life-changing action steps that have the power to bring more abundance, prosperity, and money into your life. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey!

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With all of the tools I provide you’ll be able to:

  • Shift your entire mindset about money.
  • Bring more abundance, prosperity and money into your life.
  • Be more in control of your finances and on the road to the things that matter most.
  • Have a proactive plan to follow that’s been broken down into manageable and dare I say …enjoyable steps.
  • And, you’ll learn how to handle your money with more joy and less stress even during turbulent times.

This program is NOT for you if you’re looking for:

  • The next hot stock pick – who wants to get burned with that…?
  • How to create a budget. Budgets don’t work – I’ll show you how to set up a prioritized spending plan – way more fun and way more effective!
  • How to dig yourself out of a deep dark hole of debt – although you might have more of an ability to see the light after taking the course.
  • Boring, dry lessons – what you learn might actually leave you feeling more energized!

What you’ll receive when you enroll in the Fast Forward to Prosperity Course:

  • Private online access to the Fast Forward to Prosperity course. It’s a 7-week course but you can take it at your own pace. Wanna dig in and move more quickly to bring more prosperity to your life? Awesome! You can do this by having all the lessons available at once. Feeling like taking your time and exploring each area in a more in depth way? That’s cool. You can do this as well.
  • Guided visualizations to immerse your brain in prosperity. You’ll receive 3 powerful meditations to help you increase your positive impact in the world, boost your prosperity flow and enhance your manifesting abilities. You’ll also have the Great with Money Prosperity Formula meditation to help you create any goal you have for yourself. These are powerful.
  • “Great with Money: 6 Steps to Lifetime Success and Prosperity” book. This book has changed people’s financial lives. (Free PDF eBook Download)
  • Power Up to Prosperity Audio Series – I will walk you through each step in the Prosperity Circle. This is a 7-step process to help you be great with money.
  • BONUS: Ellen’s New York Times’ Best-Selling book “Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves To Turn Your Vision Into Reality”

All this for an investment of only $495!



Jessie's Story

After going through the Fast Forward to Prosperity Program Jessie’s life totally changed for the better. For the first time in many, many years she looked at where her money was actually going. This was always an exercise she meant to do, but never seemed to actually get around to doing. When she completed her prioritized spending plan by using the Money Flow Tracker in the course, she finally realized what was flowing in and flowing out and where it was going. By honestly prioritizing her spending, she decided to make some big life changes. Most people look at the expenses for their home as “fixed,” but Jessie realized she didn’t really care much about her home now that her kids had moved out. Through this process she saw her house and all the related expenses took up the majority of her cash flow each month. In order to pay for her lifestyle she worked in a family business she absolutely hated. She hated her work so much she found herself taking expensive vacations and running up credit card debt, just to get away from the stress. Jessie made a big decision. She decided to sell her house, pay off her mortgage, and then bought a small condo (with a great view of Lake Michigan).  This move saved her thousands of dollars a month. With the extra money she paid off all of her credit card debt. With a much smaller nut to crack each month Jessie took the risk of leaving her family business and starting her own consulting firm. Her new business is thriving and she is happier than she’s been in years.

What people are saying about
The Fast Forward to Prosperity course
and working with Ellen Rogin:

Just as you promised I have had some crazy results. The first day I got the proverbial parking spot and just laughed out loud. Then I had a fleetingly thought of a client …The very next morning at 6:30 am I received an email from him telling me that there were three recent sales in his neighborhood and he felt the value of his home was substantiated at a much higher level and prime for a refinance. That was bizarre but I am now knee deep in a great new deal. I went on to win the office football pool this week with all 15 games picked as winners. That has never been done before and I am one who picks by jersey color. The next day I got a call from a retail store that I was at over the weekend and scored some fantastic boots (with an unexpected 30% off coupon) and they told me I won a drawing for $100 worth of free merchandise. I’m a believer!! I am thrilled and can find that my mood is different and my outlook is so positive that it is contagious.

”Robin B.”, ”Mortgage Broker”

The biggest benefit of this program is the easy to follow, holistic approach to actually "Be Great with Money". Ellen’s approach works because she has individuals look at all aspects of money: the practical, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical sides which is key for creating a lasting, healthy relationship with money. From this, I was able to uncover core financial blocks, break through them and make positive changes in order to set realistic financial goals. … I am on the way to achieving my goals.

”Megan W.”, ”Executive and Life Coach”

I felt the information and ideas became more a part of my being. One of the benefits was that I could see how far I had come almost without knowing it. I mean that the ideas are so good and work so well that they fed on themselves. For example, clearing the clutter. I am now in a 1000 square foot home with everything I need and empty cabinets. And I was able to give things to people who want them and need them and appreciate them. That all felt really good. I also love the idea of giving. I have made a point of giving money (this is beside the time I donate to charity and the things I was giving away). Every time I wrote a check to some place (and each month I would look for a new good place to spend my $30-$50) it felt great. It doesn’t need to be much but it matters and it means my mind is thinking about these programs, causes that are important to me.

”Holly R.”, ”Sales Management Training”

I’m experiencing prosperity in places that I never considered to be part of how prosperity could show up in a person’s life. Yet here it is. The practices are pointed, accessible and results (change in attitude, beliefs, energy, cash flow, opportunity) are immediate! I feel more relaxed and confident in my ability to live a prosperous life and take care of myself financially. That’s why I want to share Great with Money with others. I know there are thousands of women out there who highly intelligent and successful but, like me, cannot get a feeling of being ’great with money’ no matter how many classes or books they read. This is different.

”Ellen B.”, ”Leadership Coach, Executive and Life Coach”

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